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chambres d’hôtes des arts

residence midi the living room
residence midi the balcony

The Living Room

The wooden table seats 8 and is a great place to get work done. Sink in the couch to relax. You can see the garden and mountains from the balcony.

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The Garden

We love our little park, covered by trees and flowers. There are multiple seating areas and a climatized swimming pool.

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residence midi the studio
residence midi the studio

The Studio

A beautiful large and spacious room with wooden flooring, multiple windows and rough industrial walls. This is a multi functional room, you can use it for pretty much anything: rehearsals, meetings, workshops, co-working sessions or installation work . The room has very pleasant acoustics.

residence midi the low end

The Low End

A real den for sound experimentation and shredding. We have a PA and other gear to get you started. Mail us for a full list of instruments.

residence midi the low end
residence midi the dust
residence midi the dust

The Dust

Heavy duty wood and metal workshop. Make a mess, make some noise, we do the same. Various tools available, if you need something specific let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange it.

residence midi the salon

Le Bourgeois

When regular doesn’t cut it. Our gorgeous “Foyer” with its huge walls and marble flooring can be used as an Expo room. The large downstairs “Salon” can be booked for special occasions.

residence midi the foyer
residence midi the attic

The Attic

100m2 of currently unused space that is still looking for its purpose. Maybe you have an idea?