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residency for musicians, artists and software developers


You are welcome to arrive between 15.00 & 19.00 pm. If our travel plans dictate a later time or your travel is delayed please inform us. Check out is 11.00 am.



Due to the age of our Maison Maitre, we are very sorry that Residence Midi is not accessible by wheelchair. Staris must be taken to reach every bedroom. People with a visual impairment that are comfortable with stairs are very much welcome. Assistive dogs are welcome and free of charge.



We do expect our guests to take care of their own travel insurance to ensure that they have adequate coverage in case of a cancellation. We further expect that guests take care of their own liability insurance in case they cause damage of the house, furniture or our instruments & equipment. If you do not have such an insurance we expect you to pay for the caused damage yourself in the period of two weeks after the cause of damage.



Smoking is only allowed in the garden or on the balcony. When smoking make sure not to disturb the other guests. In all other areas smoking is prohibited.


Package Deal

If you want to use our facilities for a special event, seminar or workshop: get in contact with us. We can make a package deal that suits your needs.



We will only cancel your stay due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness or natural disasters. If your stay is cancelled you have the option of a full refund or transfer your stay to another date. We are unable to refund any travel cost. If you cancel your booking 60 days prior to the start of your stay we offer a full refund. If you cancel within 60 days prior to your stay we offer a 75% refund. If you do not cancel your stay and fail to show up you won’t be eligible for a refund under any circumstances. Residence Midi reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking at our discretion, in which case a full refund will be issued.



Regular guests can not use facilities reserved for residential guests. Fresh bed sheets, shower gel and towels are included in the price. Self-serving breakfast is included for regular guests. We do not provide transport. Prices are excl. tax. All amenities are in walking distance. Pet supplementary: €6 a day.  Assistance dogs are free of charge.



We accept cash, cheques, debit & credit cards. Artists need to pay a deposit of 25% prior to their stay. Only after conformation of the deposit your stay is officially confirmed. The remaining 75% is to be payed during or before your stay. There is no required deposit for regular guests.



Check out is at 11 am. After your stay we ask you to take off your sheets and trust that you leave your room and all other spaces broom / hoover clean. If you do not want to clean yourself or do not have the time to do so it is possible to leave that to us for a small extra fee (artists only). Cleaning fee: Room: 15 Eur. Groups that book the whole residency: 50 Eur (first floor).



Residence Midi is tailored to the needs of artists & adults. We do not prohibit children as a general rule but we also do not provide any special equipment (children’s beds & chairs) nor are there any children friendly precaution measures taken (children friendly energy plugs or protected stair cases). Please note that parents will be liable for any damages caused by their children during the duration of their stay at Residennce Midi. We will accept no responsibility for injury, loss, or damage arising from your stay – this remains the sole responsibility of the parents.



At Residence Midi we care about the environment. This is why most of our furniture is second hand vintage or repurposed, the linens and textiles are made of bio cotton, other natural material or fabricated out of recycled plastic bottles. All our cleaning products, detergents and beauty products are ecological, non toxic, biodegradable and often handmade and according to zero waste principles to avoid unnecessary packaging. What we can we buy local, in bulk and directly at the producer.





We can provide you with a letter of invitation which may help with your visa application. If your visa application is refused we can only offer a refund in line with our refunds policy.


Residence Midi Grant

At Residence Midi we do everything to make your stay and our courses as affordable as possible. For artists with less financial means we founded the Residence Midi Grant scheme. This program offers a grant up to 50% of the cost of your stay. In order to be eligible for the Grant we require you to provide us with information concerning your income – for example a recent benefits letter, payslip, tax document or written statement that you are a student. The application form is quick and easy. Applications are mostly assessed within a week. Note: the application should be completed before you reserve your stay. The only way to apply for the Grant is by filling out the Grant application form.


Payment Plan

The payment plan is implemented for artists that can’t pay for their stay in one go. This way you can spread the cost of your stay over a period of three months. Once you subscribe to our payment plan you will need to make the first payment straight away. The first payment is a deposit of 25% of the full amount. With the payment of the deposit your booking is official. The next payment is due in exactly one month and so on over the course of three month until the total amount is paid. Important: Your first payment is not refundable. This is to cover our admin costs and to find a replacement for you in case you have to cancel your visit. Provided that you complete the payment plan a cancellation and refund is possible. Regular guests and artists without a payment plan are expected to pay the remaining sum directly after their stay.


Company Details

Residence Midi is small non-profit organization founded and run by artist Josephine Bode and software developer Coen Klosters.


External Funding

We strongly believe that governments and institutions are obliged to support arts and culture. If you need extra support for your application at Residence Midi we can provide you with an invitation letter or additional documentation as required by your chosen funding body. Note: Residence Midi itself operates completely without external funding.


Privacy Policy

We do not share your personal data with anyone. You can find our privacy policy here.



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